AIRS 2011: Accepted Full Oral Papers

IR Models and Theories

  • Query-Dependent Rank Aggregation with Local Models
    Yu, Chi-Hsin; Lin, Hsuan-Yu; Chen, Hsin-Hsi

  • On Modeling Rank-Independent Risk in Estimating Probability of Relevance
    Zhang, Peng; Song, Dawei; Wang, Jun; Zhao, Xiaozhao; Hou, Yuexian.

  • Measuring the Ability of Score Distributions to Model Relevance
    Cummins, Ronan;

  • Cross-Language Information Retrieval with Latent Topic Models Trained on a Comparable Corpus
    De Smet, Wim; Moens, Marie-Francine; Vulic, Ivan

  • Construct Weak Ranking Functions for Learning Linear Ranking Function
    Hua, Guichun; Yin, Hang; Ma, Shaoping; LIU, Yiqun; Zhang, Min

  • Is Simhash Achilles?
    Jiang, Qixia; Sun, Maosong; Yang, Liner; Zhang, Yan

IR Applications

  • Information Retrieval Strategies for Digitized Handwritten Medieval Documents
    Naji, Nada; Savoy, Jacques

  • Query Phrase Expansion using Wikipedia in Patent Class Searche
    Al-Shboul, Bashar;

User Study, IR Evaluatoin and Interactive IR

  • Profiling a Non-Medical Professional Searcher on a Medical Domain: What Do Search Patterns and Demographic Details Reveal?
    Inthiran, Anushia; Ahmed, Pervaiz K; Alhashmi, Saadat M

  • Prioritized Aggregation of Multiple Context Dimensions in Mobile IR
    Bouidghaghen Ressad, Ourdia; da Costa Pereir, CĂ©lia; Boughanem, Mohand; Cabanac, Guillaume; Pasi, Gabriella; Tamine-Lechani, Lynda

  • Searching for Islamic and Qur'anic Information on the Web: A Mixed-Methods Approach
    Wan-Chik, Rita Zaharah; Clough, Paul; Ford, Nigel

  • Enriching Query Flow Graphs with ClickInformation
    Albakour, M-Dyaa; Kruschwitz, Udo; Song, Dawei; Fasli, Maria; De Roeck, Anne; Adeyanju, Ibrahim

Web IR, scalability and adversarial IR

  • Recommend at Opportune Moments
    Su, Chien-chin; Cheng, Pu-Jen

  • Emotion Tokens: Bridging the Gap Among Multilingual Twitter Sentiment Analysis
    Cui, Anqi; Ma, Shaoping; LIU, Yiqun; Zhang, Min

  • Identifying Popular Search Goals behind Search Queries to Improve Web Search Ranking
    Wang, Ting-Xuan; Lu, Wen-Hsiang

Machine Learning for IR

  • Topic Analysis for Online Reviews with an Author-Experience-Object-Topic Model
    Zhang, Yong; Hu, Po; Ji, Dong-hong; Su, Ying

  • Predicting Query Performance Directly from Score Distributions
    Cummins, Ronan;

  • Wikipedia-Based Smoothing for Enhancing Text Clustering
    Rahimtoroghi, Elahe; Shakery, Azadeh

  • ASVMFC: Adaptive Support Vector Machine based Fuzzy Classifier
    Ganji, Hamed; Khadivi, Shahram

Natural Language Processing for IR

  • Semantic-Based Opinion Retrieval using Predicate-Argument Structures and Subjective Adjectives
    Orimaye, Sylvester Olubolu; Eu-Gene, Siew; Alhashmi, Saadat M.

  • An Aspect-driven Random Walk Model for Topic-Focused Multi-Document Summarization
    Hasan, Sadid; Chali, Yllias; Imam, Kaisar

  • An Effective Approach for Topic-Specific Opinion Summarization
    Li, Binyang; Wei, Zhongyu; Wong, Kam-Fai; Gao, Wei; Zhou, Lanjun

  • A Model-based EM Method for Topic Person Name Multi-polarization
    Chen, Chien Chin; Chen, Zhong-Yong

  • Using Key Sentence to Improve Sentiment Classification
    Tan, Songbo; lin, zheng

  • Using Concept-level Random Walk Model and Global Inference Algorithm for Answer Summarization
    Liu, Xiaoying; Zhou, Zhenggan; Zhao, Xiaojian; Li, Zhoujun

  • Acquisition of Know-How Information from Web
    Kozawa, Shunsuke; Uchimoto, Kiyotaka; Matsubara, Shigeki

  • Topic Based Creation of a Persian-English Comparable Corpus
    Rahimi, Zahra; Shakery, Azadeh

  • A Web Knowledge Based Approach for Complex Question Answering
    Ren, Han; Wan, Jing

Arabic Script Text Processing and Retrieval

  • Small-Word Pronunciation Modeling for Arabic Speech Recognition: A Data-Driven Approach
    AbuZeina, Dia; Elshafei, Moustafa; Al-Khatib, Wasfi

  • The SALAH Project: Segmentation and Linguistic Analysis of ?adi? Arabic Texts
    Lancioni, Giuliano; Boella, Marco; Romani, Francesca Romana; Al-Raies, Anjela; Solimando, Cristina

  • Exploring Clustering for Multi-Document Arabic Summarisation
    EL-Haj, Mahmoud; Kruschwitz, Udo; Fox, Chris

  • ZamAn and Raqm: Extracting Temporal and Numerical Expressions in Arabic
    Tounsi, Lamia; Saleh, Iman; van Genabith, Josef

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