AIRS 2011: Accepted Posters

IR Models and Theories

  • XML Information Retrieval through Tree Edit Distance and Structural Summaries
    Laitang, Cyril; Pinel Sauvagnat, Karen; Boughanem, Mohand

  • An Empirical Study of SLDA for Information Retrieval
    Ma, Dashun; Wang, Ting; Rao, Lan

  • Learning to Rank by Optimizing Expected Reciprocal Rank
    Zhang, Ping; Wu, Jiajin; Lin, Yuan; Lin, Hongfei

IR Applications

  • Increasing broadband subscriptions for Telecom Carriers through Mobile Advertising
    Chang, Chia-Hui; Huo, Kaun-Hua

  • Query Recommendation by Modeling the Query-Flow Graph
    Bai, Lu; Guo, Jiafeng; Cheng, Xueqi

  • Ranking Content-Based Social Images Search Results with Social Tags
    Li, Jiyi; Yoshikawa, Masatoshi; Asano, Yasuhito; MA, Qiang

User Study, IR Evaluatoin and Interactive IR

  • Effect of Explicit Roles on Collaborative Search in Travel Planning Task
    Joho, Hideo; Nakayama, Shin'ichi; Imazu, Marika

  • A Web 2.0 approach for organizing search results using Wikipedia
    Darvish Morshedi Hosseini, mohammadreza; Moshiri, Behzad; Shakery, Azadeh

Web IR, scalability and adversarial IR

  • A novel crawling algorithm for web pages
    Golshani, Mohammad Amin; ZarehBidoki, Alimohammad; Derhami, Vali

  • Extraction of Web Texts using Content-Density Distribution
    Kitahara, Saori; Hatano, Kenji; Tamura, Koya

  • A New Approach to Search Result Clustering and Labeling
    Turel, Anil; Can, Fazli

  • Efficient Top-k Document Retrieval using a Term-Document Binary Matrix
    Fujita, Etsuro; Oyama, Keizo

Machine Learning for IR

  • Ensemble Pruning for Text Categorization based on Data Partitioning
    Toraman, Cagri; Can, Fazli

  • Sentiment Analysis for Online Reviews Using an Author-Review-Object Model
    Zhang, Yong; Sun, Cheng; Su, Ying; Ji, Dong-hong

Natural Language Processing for IR

  • Learning to Extract Coherent Keyphrases from Online News
    Zhang, Qi; Ding, Zhuoye; Huang, Xuanjing

  • Maintaining Passage Retrieval Information Need Using Analogical Reasoning in a Question Answering Task
    Toba, Hapnes; Adriani, Mirna; Manurung, Ruli

  • Improving Document Summarization by Incorporating Social Contextual Information
    Hu, Po; Zhang, Yong; Teng, Chong; Sun, Cheng; Ji, Donghong

  • Automatic Classification of Link Polarity in Blog Entries
    Ishino, Aya; Takezawa, Toshiyuki; Nanba, Hidetsugu

  • Feasibility Study for Procedural Knowledge Extraction in Biomedical Documents
    Song, Sa-kwang; Sung, Won-Kyung; Jeong, Chang-Hoo; Chun, Hong-Woo; Choi, Sung-pil; Myaeng, Sung-Hyon; Oh, Heung-seon; Choi, Yunsoo

Arabic Script Text Processing and Retrieval

  • Extracting Parallel Paragraphs and Sentences from English-Persian Translated Documents
    Rasooli, Mohammad Sadegh; Minaei-Bidgoli, Behrouz; Kashefi, Omid

  • Effect of ISRI Stemming on Similarity Measure for Arabic Document Clustering
    Mohd, Masnizah; Bsoul, Qusay walid

  • A Semi-supervised Approach for Key-synset Extraction to be used in Word Sense Disambiguation
    Haghollahi, Maryam; Shamsfard, Mehrnoush

  • Mapping FarsNet to Suggested Upper Merged Ontology
    Taheri, Aynaz; Shamsfard, Mehrnoush

  • Topic Detection and Multi-Word Terms Extraction for Arabic Unvowelized Documents
    KOULALI, Rim; MEZIANE, Abdelouafi